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As you step into the warm, inviting atmosphere of Breads Bakery in New York City, your senses are immediately awakened by the aromatic scents of freshly baked goods. Located in the bustling hubs of Union Square and Lincoln Center, this culinary gem stands out for its dedication to the art of baking. Known for its slow-fermented sourdough and world-famous Chocolate Babka, Breads Bakery has crafted a menu that reflects a fusion of traditional techniques and innovative flavors.

Your experience at Breads Bakery is not just about indulging in a slice of cake or a loaf of bread. It’s about the craftsmanship that goes into every batch of espresso, the meticulous creation of each pastry, and the community that forms around the love for exceptional baked goods. The bakery’s commitment to quality is evident in their selection of daily baked breads, sweets, and an array of savory items, ensuring there’s a delightful treat to satisfy any palate.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick snack or looking for the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee, Breads Bakery offers an impressive menu that promises to deliver a memorable gastronomic experience. With its cozy ambiance and friendly staff, Breads Bakery invites you to enjoy the simple pleasures of well-made bread and pastries, all while feeling like part of the neighborhood.

Breads Bakery NYC Opening and Closing Hours

DayOperating Hours
Wednesday7 AM – 8 PM
Thursday7 AM – 8 PM
Friday7 AM – 8 PM
Saturday7 AM – 8 PM
Sunday7 AM – 8 PM
Monday7 AM – 8 PM
Tuesday7 AM – 8 PM

Breads Bakery’s Menu Overview for 2024

Breads Bakery in NYC offers an assortment of baked goods that cater to various meal preferences and dietary restrictions.

Meal Options

At Breads Bakery, you have the option to satisfy your cravings at any time of the day. Their breakfast selections include world-famous items like the Chocolate Babka, crafted with a buttery, flaky dough and a generous swirl of rich chocolate. For lunch, enjoy a variety of sandwiches made with freshly baked breads such as their renowned sourdough or the traditional baguette, acclaimed as one of NYC’s finest.

Dietary Accommodations

Understanding the diverse dietary needs of New Yorkers, Breads Bakery provides several alternatives to accommodate different diets. You’ll find dairy-free options like the Challah Knot, which is a smaller take on New York’s popular challah bread. Additionally, whole wheat and organic sourdough options cater to those seeking whole grain choices. The bakery also marks items containing allergens such as dairy, eggs, and wheat, helping you make informed decisions.

Bakery Offerings

Breads Bakery NYC is known for its high-quality ingredients and a mouthwatering array of bakery delights. Whether you’re after hearty bread or a sweet treat, you will find something to satisfy your cravings, always made with care and an eye for the detail.

Bread Selections

The bread selection at Breads Bakery is anchored in tradition with a commitment to the craft of bread making. Notable bread choices include:

  • Sourdough: A classic with a crisp crust and a tangy, airy interior, ideal for a variety of pairings.
  • Jerusalem Baguette: A unique twist on the traditional baguette, enriched with savory flavors.

Ingredients & Allergens:
Breads are crafted using traditional methods, and while the full list of ingredients is provided upon purchase, common allergens may include wheat, nuts, and seeds.

Pastry Delights

Besides bread, Breads Bakery serves an assortment of irresistible pastries:

  • Chocolate Babka: Famed for its rich chocolate swirls, this babka is both a visual and a gustatory delight.
  • Almond Croissant: A flaky, buttery pastry filled with frangipane, and topped with sliced almonds.
  • Rugelach: These small pastries come with various fillings, each bite being a perfect balance of sweetness and texture.
Babka FlavorDescriptionPriceAllergensEstimated Calories (per serving)
ChocolateBest of New York Chocolate Babka with Nutella and dark chocolate$17.50Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat, soy350 Calories
CinnamonBest of New York Cinnamon Babka with cinnamon, raisins and walnuts$17.50Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat300 Calories
DessertDescriptionSlice PriceWhole PriceAllergensEstimated Calories (per serving)
CheesecakeClassic New York-style cheesecake$8.95$46Dairy, egg380 Calories
Fruit TartTart and Tartlet offerings vary. Contact customer service for daily selections.$6.15 (Tartlet)$39 (Tart)Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat250 Calories
BaguetteSmall-batch sourdough baguette.$4.95Wheat
Jerusalem BaguetteSlow-fermented mini sourdough baguette rolled in sesame seeds.$3.65Wheat
ChallahNew York’s most popular challah.$9.45Dairy free, egg, wheat
Sesame ChallahNew York’s most popular challah with sesame seeds.$9.45Dairy free, egg, wheat
Poppy ChallahNew York’s most popular challah with poppy seeds.$9.45Dairy free, egg, wheat
Festive ChallahRound braided challah topped with sesame, nigella, sunflower, pumpkin, flax and poppy.$12.45Dairy free, egg, wheat
Swiss Muesli RollHoney-sweetened sourdough roll studded with hazelnuts, cranberries, dates, and seeds.$5.05Tree nut, wheat
French SourdoughOur signature organic, slow-fermented sourdough.Small $8.95Wheat
French Sourdough Half SizeOur signature organic, slow-fermented sourdough.Half $8.95Wheat
French Sourdough Large SizeOur signature organic, slow-fermented sourdough.Large $14.95Wheat
Caraway Rye BreadSlow-fermented sourdough Rye filled with caraway seeds. Available Saturdays through Mondays.$8.65Wheat
Olive BreadSlow-fermented sourdough Rye studded with Kalamata and Manzanilla olives. Available daily.$9.55Wheat
Walnut Raisin RyeSlow-fermented sourdough Rye studded with walnuts and raisins. Available Thursdays and Fridays.$10.35Tree nut, wheat
Whole Wheat BreadOrganic sourdough whole wheat bread.$7.95Wheat
Poppy RollSoft roll topped with poppy seeds.$2.15Dairy, egg, wheat
Sesame RollSoft roll topped with sesame seeds.$2.15Dairy, egg, wheat
Challah KnotNew York’s most popular challah in roll form.$3.55Dairy free, egg, wheat
Jerusalem BagelLarge, soft, sesame seed bagel, oblong in shape.$6.05Dairy, wheat
Loaf CakeDescriptionPriceAllergensEstimated Calories (per serving)
Life Gives You Lemons CakeLemon pound cake topped with streusel.$16.95Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat300 Calories
Banana Chocolate Chip CakeRich banana cake studded with chocolate chips.$16.95Dairy, egg, wheat280 Calories
Carrot CakeMoist carrot cake with walnuts and currants.$16.95Tree nut, dairy free, egg, wheat320 Calories
Coconut Chocolate Chip CakeTender flourless coconut cake with dark chocolate chips.$16.95Dairy, tree nut, egg, gluten free250 Calories
Flourless Brownie CakeRich chocolate brownie made with a blend of gluten-free flours.$16.95Dairy, tree nut, egg, gluten free280 Calories
Packaged Cookies & CakesDescriptionPriceAllergensEstimated Calories (per serving)
PalmiersCinnamon sugar-filled puff pastry cookies$9.95Dairy, wheat150 Calories
Butter Pecan CookiesRich, buttery shortbread cookie with pecans.$9.95Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat180 Calories
Granola CookiesCrunchy cookies packed with housemade granola, dried fruit, seeds, grains, walnuts, and coconut.$9.95Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat160 Calories
Parmesan CookiesSavory cookies loaded with parmesan and gouda cheese, rolled in sesame and nigella.$9.95Dairy, egg, wheat130 Calories
Granola MixHousemade granola with dried fruit, seeds, grains, almonds, walnuts, and coconut.$15.25Tree nut, wheat120 Calories
PastryDescriptionPriceAllergensEstimated Calories (per serving)
CroissantButtery, flaky Parisian-style croissant.$4.65Dairy, egg, wheat230 Calories
Pain au ChocolatButtery, flaky Parisian-style pain au chocolat.$4.95Dairy, egg, wheat260 Calories
Almond CroissantDecadent marzipan-filled croissant.$6.15Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat320 Calories
Cinnamon RollSuper-flaky cinnamon sugar staple.$5.15Dairy, wheat280 Calories
SavoryDescriptionPriceAllergensEstimated Calories (per serving)
Cheese StrawFlaky pastry intertwined with Gouda cheese.$3.65Dairy, egg, wheat180 Calories
Feta BurekaFeta-filled savory pastry.$4.45Dairy, egg, wheat220 Calories
Potato BurekaSavory pastry filled with mashed potatoes and herbs.$4.45Dairy, egg, wheat200 Calories
Spinach BurekaSavory pastry filled with spinach and feta.$4.45Dairy, egg, wheat190 Calories
Olive & Cheese BreadstickSourdough rye breadstick exploding with Gouda cheese and Manzanilla and Kalamata olives.$4.65Dairy, wheat220 Calories
Garlic & Parm BreadstickSourdough breadstick with roasted garlic, Parmesan cheese, and herbs.$4.65Dairy, wheat200 Calories
SweetsDescriptionPriceAllergensEstimated Calories (per serving)
BrownieRich and gooey dark chocolate brownie.$4.65Dairy, egg, wheat280 Calories
Chocolate RugelachSoft, flaky, mini croissant-shaped chocolate rugelach.1pc $2.50Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat, soy120 Calories (per piece)
Chocolate Rugelach Half SizeSoft, flaky, mini croissant-shaped chocolate rugelach.Half a Dozen $14Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat, soy150 Calories (per piece)
Chocolate Rugelach Full SizeSoft, flaky, mini croissant-shaped chocolate rugelach.A Dozen $25.50Dairy, tree nut, egg, wheat, soy180 Calories (per piece)
Chocolate Chip CookieCrispy and gooey cookie with dark, milk, and white chocolate.$4.65Dairy, egg, wheat200 Calories
Oatmeal CookieA classic golden and chewy oatmeal cookie with raisins.$4.65Dairy, egg, wheat180 Calories
Black & White Cookie(Only at our Upper East Side location)$5.75Dairy, egg, wheat220 Calories

Nutritional and Calorie Information of Breads Bakery items

When evaluating Breads Bakery’s menu, you can make informed decisions by considering the calorie content and opting for healthier choices that align with your dietary needs.

Calorie Information

Breads Bakery offers an array of baked goods, each with varying caloric contents. It’s crucial for you to note that indulgent items such as the world-famous Chocolate Babka might be higher in calories due to rich ingredients like chocolate and dough. On the contrary, options like slow-fermented sourdough are relatively lower in calories and can fit into a more calorie-conscious diet. While precise calorie counts can vary, familiarizing yourself with the general ranges can aid in maintaining a balanced intake.

  • Chocolate Babka: Approx. 300-400 calories per serving
  • Sourdough Bread: Approx. 80-120 calories per slice

Healthy Choices

Incorporating healthy options into your diet is straightforward at Breads Bakery. Items on the menu that are baked with whole grains can provide you with a source of fiber, which is beneficial for digestion. For those concerned with nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet, here’s a quick guide to some choices:

  • Whole Grain Breads: High in fiber, aids in digestion
  • Salads: Fresh ingredients, lower calorie dressings

Remember to consider your personal dietary restrictions and preferences when selecting items from the menu to ensure they meet your nutritional requirements.

Ingredients & Allergens:
Pastry ingredients range from high-quality butter and chocolate to fresh fruits and nuts, with potential allergens including dairy, eggs, and nuts. Specific details are available in-store.

About Breads Bakery NYC

A bustling bakery with shelves of freshly baked bread, a display case filled with pastries, and a menu board listing a variety of bread options

Breads Bakery NYC is a New York institution, known for its artisanal, slow-fermented sourdough, and a range of sumptuous baked goods, including the renowned Chocolate Babka. With multiple locations across the city, it’s a go-to spot for both locals and visitors.

Location & Hours

Union Square:

  • Address: 18 E 16th St, New York, NY 10003
  • Hours: Open daily, times may vary

Lincoln Center:

  • Address: 1890 Broadway, New York, NY 10023
  • Hours: Open daily, times may vary

Dining Atmosphere

When you step into Breads Bakery, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere that invites you to sit down and enjoy. The café-like environment is perfect for a casual breakfast, lunch, or a quick coffee break. The seating arrangements and warm décor are conducive to both social gatherings and individual enjoyment, framing an ideal setting to savor artisanal baking at its finest.

What are the most popular food items in Breads Bakery?

Breads Bakery in NYC caters to your culinary needs from morning till evening with carefully curated specialty menus. Whether you’re seeking a quick breakfast bite, a hearty lunch, or a satisfying dinner, they have an array of options that include vegetarian and gluten-free selections.

Breakfast Item

Start your day with the Chocolate Babka, a world-renowned specialty that pairs perfectly with their impeccably-made espresso. For a lighter option, choose a slow-fermented sourdough piece, available even for those preferring gluten-free.

  • Chocolate Babka
  • Espresso
  • Sourdough (also in gluten-free)

Lunch Specials

Your midday meal is a delight with Breads Bakery’s lunch specials. A vegetarian favorite is the Spinach Bureka, while the Cured Salmon on Breads Jerusalem Baguette is a pescatarian’s choice. Pair your meal with a side for a complete lunch experience.

  • Spinach Bureka (Vegetarian)
  • Cured Salmon on Breads Jerusalem Baguette

Sides Menu:

  • House Salad
  • Quinoa Tabbouleh

Dinner Selections

For dinner, indulge in heartier fare like the Life Gives You Lemons Cake or a savory Marble Rye sandwich. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are thoughtfully included, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the evening.

  • Life Gives You Lemons Cake
  • Marble Rye sandwich (option for gluten-free bread)
    • Vegetarian sandwich options available

Beverage Options

At Breads Bakery, your experience is enhanced by an array of beverage choices. Enjoy your pastries, breads, or meals with a selection from their well-crafted drink menu.


  • Espresso — Strong and finely made, perfect for a coffee purist.
  • Americanos — Smooth blend of espresso and water for a lighter touch.
  • Lattes — Creamy and comforting, with just the right amount of frothed milk.


  • A variety of tea options are available, ideal for those who prefer a caffeine fix from a leaf rather than a bean.

Cold Beverages:

  • Choose from cold brews, iced coffees, and other chilled beverages to refresh your day.

For those with a sweet tooth or seeking comfort in a cup, hot chocolate stands out on the menu. Each drink is crafted to complement the flavors found in Breads Bakery’s baked goods, ensuring a harmonious dining experience. Whether you opt for a stimulating espresso to kick start your day or a soothing tea to unwind, Breads Bakery caters to your tastes with quality and care.

What are Breads Bakery’s Customers Saying?

Customers frequently rave about Breads Bakery’s Chocolate Babka, calling it “world-famous” and an absolute must-try. Visitors have also shared praise for their savories, like the Spinach Bureka, describing it as a flavorful snack.

Here’s what some customers had to say:

  • “The Chocolate Babka is divine. It’s rich, with layers of chocolate—not too sweet, just perfect!”
  • “I love grabbing a Spinach Bureka for a quick and satisfying lunch. It’s always fresh and full of flavor.”

Popular Choices

Your visit wouldn’t be complete without exploring Breads Bakery’s popular choices that stand out in customer reviews. Below is a list of items that have received positive mentions:

  • Rugelach: A mix of textures and tastes, it’s a top pick among pastry aficionados.
  • Almond Croissant: Known for its flaky layers and almond filling, it is a crowd-pleaser.
  • Jerusalem Baguette: An innovation with a twist, often highlighted for its unique flavor profile.
  • Platters: While platters are not specifically mentioned, they often include a variety of baked goods and are perfect for sharing, making them a favorite for groups enjoying a collective experience at the bakery.

Customers appreciate these items for the quality ingredients and the bakery’s commitment to traditional baking methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find concise answers to some of the most common questions about Breads Bakery NYC, helping you to make informed choices about their offerings.

What are the popular items on Breads Bakery menu?

Breads Bakery is renowned for its Chocolate Babka and slow-fermented sourdough, which are among their best-selling items.

Is Breads Bakery a kosher establishment?

Yes, Breads Bakery offers kosher-certified products, allowing those who keep kosher to enjoy their baked goods.

Can I find nutritional information for items sold at Breads Bakery?

Nutritional information for Breads Bakery’s offerings is typically not provided online. For specific inquiries, it’s best to contact the bakery directly.

What is the calorie count for Breads Bakery’s most popular items?

As calorie counts are not readily advertised, you would need to request this information directly from Breads Bakery for accurate data on their most popular items.

Which Breads Bakery bread is considered a New York favorite?

The slow-fermented sourdough from Breads Bakery has become a staple and favorite among New Yorkers for its classic flavor and quality.

How can I make Breads Bakery’s famous babka at home?

While Breads Bakery’s exact recipe for their famous babka is proprietary, they occasionally offer baking classes where you can learn how to make similar pastries.

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