Jacks Breakfast Hours and Menu

Start your day right with Jack's breakfast, available daily until 11:00 AM, offering you a delectable way to savor the morning. From the classic Breakfast Deluxe to the mouthwatering Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, Jack's breakfast menu is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. For those who enjoy indulging in hearty, comforting breakfast foods, we highly recommend the Breakfast Deluxe. If you're in the mood for something that combines savory and fluffy textures, the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit is a must-try.

Beyond these favorites, Jack's also offers daily specials and regional delicacies, ensuring there's always something new to discover each morning. Dive into the unique breakfast experience at Jack's and explore why mornings here are worth waking up early for.

Below is a table of Jack's breakfast hours for the entire week, ensuring you never miss out on their delicious offerings:

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 5:00 AM 11:00 AM
Tuesday 5:00 AM 11:00 AM
Wednesday 5:00 AM 11:00 AM
Thursday 5:00 AM 11:00 AM
Friday 5:00 AM 11:00 AM
Saturday 5:00 AM 11:00 AM
Sunday 6:00 AM 11:00 AM

Join us at Jack's for a breakfast experience tailored to food lovers, where every morning is an opportunity to start your day on a delicious note.

Breakfast Serving Times

Jack's kicks off its breakfast service bright and early at 5:00 AM on weekdays and 6:00 AM on Sundays, wrapping up at 11:00 AM sharp every day. You've got a narrow window to grab your morning meal, so it's crucial to keep these times in mind. Right from the get-go, as soon as the doors open, you can place your breakfast order, ensuring you don't miss out on the most important meal of the day.

Remember, the last call for breakfast orders is at 10:59 AM, without fail. This gives you just under 6 hours on weekdays and 5 hours on Sundays to make your move. However, it's worth noting that if you're planning to use Door Dash in certain areas, your cut-off time for placing orders is a bit earlier, at 10:30 AM. This means you'll need to plan accordingly to ensure you don't miss out.

Once the clock strikes 11:00 AM, Jack's swiftly transitions to its lunch offerings. There's no wiggle room for late breakfast orders past this time, so timing is everything. Make sure you're ahead of the game to enjoy a hearty breakfast at Jack's.

Menu Highlights

After covering the crucial breakfast times at Jack's, let's focus on the delightful array of menu options awaiting you. As you step into Jack's in the morning, your senses are greeted with an expansive selection that caters to various tastes and preferences. From the savory to the sweet, there's something for everyone.

  • Biscuit Varieties: Imagine biting into a fluffy biscuit enveloping your choice of ham, bacon, chicken, sausage, or steak. These options range from the classic bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit to the hearty smoked sausage biscuit, promising a satisfying start to your day.
  • Signature Breakfasts: Picture a plate filled with the deluxe breakfast, offering eggs, hash browns, grits, biscuits, and your pick of meat. It's a comprehensive meal designed to fuel your morning activities with every necessary nutrient.
  • Sweet Treats & Sandwiches: Visualize a lighter side with French Toast Sticks available in Cinnamon Sugar Churro or Classic flavors, perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Or, opt for a more substantial option with breakfast sandwiches like the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich or the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, each crafted to deliver a burst of flavor and energy.

Jack's breakfast menu ensures that no matter your preference, you'll find a dish to kickstart your day on the right note.

Daily Specials

As you explore Jack's breakfast options, don't miss out on the daily specials, where you can snag morning meal deals and signature dishes at a steal.

These specials often feature seasonal offerings, ensuring there's always something new to try.

Check Jack's website or pop in-store to see what's on offer today, as the options may vary by location and day.

Morning Meal Deals

For those looking to save, Jack's morning meal deals offer a variety of popular breakfast items at discounted prices each day. These specials vary, ensuring that breakfast enthusiasts can start their day with both variety and value. To keep up with the latest deals, you're encouraged to regularly check Jack's website or app, which will have the most current information for your area.

Imagine indulging in these tempting options without breaking the bank:

  • A steaming, fluffy biscuit sandwich filled with crispy bacon, egg, and melted cheese.
  • Golden-brown, buttermilk pancakes drizzled with syrup and a side of savory sausage.
  • A hearty bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh fruits and a dash of cinnamon.

Morning meal deals are your ticket to a delicious, affordable start to the day.

Signature Dish Highlights

Building on the value of morning meal deals, let's explore Jack's signature dish highlights that redefine the breakfast experience with their daily specials. Dive into the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich or the Extreme Sausage® Sandwich for a hearty start.

If you're looking for variety, the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich, and the classic Breakfast Jack® are sure to satisfy. For those extra hungry mornings, the Meat Lovers Burrito and Jumbo Breakfast Platters, with options for bacon or sausage, are unbeatable choices.

Don't forget the Supreme Croissant and Sausage Croissant for a flaky delight, or indulge in Mini Pancakes for something sweet. The Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Jack® versions add a twist to your morning, while French Toast Sticks offer a sugary finish.

Seasonal Offer Variations

To keep your breakfast adventures exciting, Jack's rotates seasonal offer variations with daily specials, introducing limited-time items that include special breakfast sandwiches and exclusive sides. You'll find unique flavors and ingredients, bringing a fresh twist to your morning routine. These aren't your average breakfast options; they're a chance to explore regional favorites and innovative creations that you won't find anywhere else. Always stay updated by checking Jack's social media or website for the latest on what's being served up.

  • Pumpkin Spice Pancakes: A fall favorite, these pancakes come with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Summer Berry Waffle Stack: Fresh berries and creamy yogurt between warm, crispy waffles.
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel: A spring special, featuring cream cheese, capers, and onions.

All-Day Availability

Despite the name, Jack's all-day breakfast availability is limited to the hours between 5:00 AM and 11:00 AM, offering you a range of delectable choices to start your morning. Whether you're an early riser on weekdays or prefer a more leisurely start on Sundays, Jack's cater to your breakfast needs from 5:00 AM on weekdays and 6:00 AM on Sundays. This scheduling ensures you don't miss out on the most important meal of the day, no matter your weekday routine or weekend plans.

You've got a wide array of breakfast items to kickstart your day, including hearty biscuits, savory sandwiches, fulfilling platters, and flavorful burritos. These options guarantee there's something for everyone, whether you're in the mood for something light or seeking a substantial meal to power through your morning activities.

It's crucial to remember, though, that Jack's transitions to lunch options after 11:00 AM. This means you'll need to plan your morning accordingly if you're looking to indulge in their breakfast offerings. The all-day breakfast might be a bit of a misnomer, but Jack's ensures you have ample opportunity to enjoy their breakfast menu items within the specified hours.

Nutrition and Calories

As you explore Jack's breakfast menu, it's crucial to consider the caloric content of each item. Knowing that choices range from 480 to 800 calories can help you make informed decisions based on your health goals.

Keep in mind, balancing indulgence with nutritional needs is key to enjoying these meals responsibly.

Caloric Content Overview

Understanding the caloric content of your breakfast choices at Jack's is crucial for managing your daily intake. With a wide range of options, knowing how many calories you're consuming can help you make informed decisions to fit your lifestyle.

Here's a quick glimpse into the caloric content of some popular breakfast items:

  • Deluxe Breakfast: Ranges between 650-750 calories, offering a hearty start to your day.
  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit: Packs about 450-500 calories, making it a moderately indulgent choice.
  • Meat Lovers Burrito: Hits the higher end with approximately 800-900 calories, for those mornings when you're extra hungry.

Health Considerations

After exploring the caloric content of popular Jack's breakfast items, it's essential to consider the nutritional impact and calorie intake for a balanced diet. The Deluxe Breakfast, with about 720 calories, and the Extreme Sausage® Sandwich, at 650 calories, offer hearty options.

However, it's crucial to balance these with lower-calorie choices throughout the day. The Loaded Breakfast Sandwich and Jumbo Breakfast Platter with Bacon, providing 690 and 540 calories respectively, are substantial but remember to account for these in your daily calorie budget.

Opting for the Sausage Croissant, at 480 calories, can be a lighter option yet still filling. It's all about making informed choices to maintain a well-rounded diet.

Allergen Information

For those with dietary restrictions or allergies, Jack's offers an allergen menu that details common allergens in their breakfast items. This menu is a crucial tool to help you navigate your meal options safely. By prioritizing transparency, Jack's ensures you're well-informed before making your breakfast choice.

When you check the allergen menu, you'll find comprehensive information about:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Eggs
  • Nuts

These are the most common allergens that might be present in various breakfast offerings. Whether you're avoiding gluten due to celiac disease or steering clear of nuts because of an allergy, this menu is designed to guide your decisions.

Jack's commitment to customer care shines through their detailed allergen information. It's more than just a list; it's a way to ensure that everyone can enjoy a worry-free meal. You won't have to play a guessing game or bother the staff with endless questions about what's in your food. Instead, you can rely on the allergen menu to make informed choices that align with your dietary needs and preferences. So next time you're at Jack's, remember to consult the allergen menu for a safe and satisfying breakfast experience.

Regional Variations

As you explore Jack's breakfast menu, you'll notice that while the core offerings remain the same, there are exciting regional variations and unique local offerings that reflect the tastes of the community.

Whether you're in Alabama or Tennessee, the slight differences in breakfast hours are complemented by these distinctive menu items.

It's worth checking out your nearest Jack's to discover what special dishes they might serve up in your area.

Regional Menu Differences

Did you know Jack's breakfast menu might look a little different depending on where you are? That's right, depending on the region, you might stumble upon unique items or specials that cater specifically to local tastes and ingredients.

Here's a quick glimpse into how your breakfast experience at Jack's could vary:

  • Local favorites that celebrate the culinary traditions of the area
  • Seasonal dishes that make the most of fresh, regional produce
  • Special promotions or limited-time items that offer a unique twist on classic breakfast dishes

These regional variations showcase the diversity of Southern cuisine, ensuring that no matter where you are, you're getting a taste of the local flavor. Remember, what you find on the menu might just surprise you!

Unique Local Offerings

Diving into Jack's diverse breakfast menu, you'll find unique local offerings that highlight the distinctive flavors of each region.

In Alabama, you're treated to the 'Southern Scramble', a hearty breakfast bowl filled with grits, sausage, eggs, and cheese, perfectly blending traditional Southern ingredients.

Over in Georgia, the 'Peachy Pancake Platter' showcases local Georgia peaches drizzled with syrup, offering a sweet start to your day.

Mississippi's Jack's surprises with the 'Delta Delight', a breakfast sandwich featuring catfish, coleslaw, and remoulade sauce, for a taste of the local cuisine.

Meanwhile, Tennessee patrons can enjoy the 'Music City Morning' wrap, packed with country ham, eggs, and a dash of hot sauce, for a spicy kick.

Each state's Jack's embraces local flavors, ensuring a unique breakfast experience wherever you are.

Online Ordering

Jack's simplifies your morning routine by offering online ordering for their breakfast items directly through their official website. You can browse the breakfast menu at your leisure, place your orders, and make payments with just a few clicks. This streamlined process not only saves you time but also allows you to customize your breakfast items to suit your taste preferences.

Imagine starting your day with:

  • A steaming, customized omelet that's just a few clicks away.
  • Golden-brown pancakes tailored to your liking, without the wait.
  • A piping hot cup of coffee ready to pick up, avoiding the morning rush.

The online ordering platform at Jack's not only provides detailed information on breakfast hours and availability but also allows you to track your orders. You'll receive notifications updating you on the status of your breakfast, ensuring you know exactly when to head out the door to pick it up. This level of convenience and control makes Jack's online ordering a game-changer for your mornings, giving you more time to enjoy your breakfast exactly how you like it.

Social Media Updates

To stay ahead with the latest from Jack's, follow their engaging social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Through these channels, Jack's shares not just mouth-watering images of their breakfast menu, but also exciting promotions and new menu items. You'll find yourself scrolling through delicious food photos and reading glowing customer testimonials that'll make you want to visit Jack's for your next meal.

By staying connected on social media, you're also the first to know about any news and events happening at Jack's. Plus, you can join in on fun contests and giveaways, making your experience with Jack's even more enjoyable. It's a great way to share your own experiences and see how others are enjoying their meals.

Here's a quick glance at what you can expect:

Platform What to Look Out For
Facebook Promotions & Events
Instagram New Menu Items
Twitter Contests & Giveaways
YouTube Customer Testimonials

Don't miss out on any updates from Jack's. Follow them today and dive into a world of delicious breakfast options, special deals, and a community of food lovers just like you.

Customer Feedback

While exploring the vibrant social media presence of Jack's, you'll likely encounter numerous customer testimonials praising their breakfast offerings. This isn't just by chance. Jack's has earned high ratings on online platforms, reflecting the satisfaction of many who've started their day there. It's not just the food that gets a thumbs up; the service during breakfast hours is often a highlight in customer reviews. Here's what you're likely to find out about customer experiences:

  • Quality of Service: Staff at Jack's are frequently complimented for their friendly and efficient service, making your breakfast experience enjoyable from start to finish.
  • Food Quality: The breakfast menu items at Jack's receive high marks for taste and presentation, with many customers recommending their favorites to others.
  • Reasonable Prices: Jack's is lauded for offering great value, with customers appreciating the reasonable prices for the quality and quantity of breakfast options available.

Whether you're planning a breakfast outing with family or friends, or simply looking for a tasty start to your day, customer feedback suggests that Jack's is a great choice. It's not just a meal; it's an experience that many recommend and return for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Jack's Handle Special Dietary Requests, Such as Gluten-Free or Vegan Options, During Breakfast Hours?

If you're eyeing gluten-free or vegan options for breakfast, Jack's mightn't be your first pick. They don't offer specific dishes catering to these diets.

However, you can always ask the staff about ingredients in their traditional Southern breakfast items to see what fits. Be prepared; your choices might be limited.

Essentially, you'll need to navigate the menu carefully or discuss your dietary needs with the staff to find something suitable.

Can Customers Earn Rewards or Points for Their Breakfast Purchases at Jack's, and if So, How Can They Sign Up?

Yes, you can indeed earn rewards on your breakfast buys at Jack's! Just like finding a hidden treasure, the Jack's App is your map to earning points for every dollar spent on morning meals. Download it on your mobile device to start collecting.

These points are your golden tickets to discounts or freebies on future purchases. Plus, you'll get exclusive offers and the latest updates, making each breakfast a rewarding adventure.

Are There Any Exclusive Breakfast Items Available Only Through the Mobile App or for First-Time Customers?

Yes, you'll find exclusive breakfast items available only through the mobile app, especially for first-time customers. By downloading the app, you unlock unique deals, such as limited-time breakfast specials and combo offers not seen in-store.

If you're a first-timer, you might even snag a free breakfast item or a discount on your first order. Plus, frequent app users can earn app-exclusive breakfast coupons or rewards, making every morning a bit more special.

How Does Jack's Ensure the Quality and Freshness of Breakfast Ingredients, Especially for Items Available All Day?

You might wonder how Jack's keeps its breakfast ingredients so fresh, especially since they're available all day.

They're committed to sourcing fresh ingredients locally, ensuring everything from eggs to produce hits high quality marks. Daily deliveries keep ingredients fresh.

Plus, their kitchen staff's rigorous training in handling and preparing ingredients, along with strict food safety protocols, means you're always getting the freshest, tastiest breakfast, any time of day.

Does Jack's Offer Any Educational or Community Programs Related to Nutrition or Healthy Eating During Breakfast Hours?

No, Jack's doesn't host any educational or community programs on nutrition or healthy eating during breakfast hours.

You can still find nutritional info online or at their locations to make smarter choices.

They offer a mix of options, from Southern staples to healthier picks like oatmeal or fruit cups, aiming to satisfy diverse tastes.

While formal programs are absent, you've got the tools to choose wisely.


As the sun peeks over the horizon, imagine biting into a warm, buttery biscuit at Jack's, where breakfast isn't just a meal, it's a celebration of flavors.

With hours stretching until 11:00 AM, you've got plenty of time to savor items like the hearty Breakfast Deluxe or a melt-in-your-mouth Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite or indulging in daily specials, Jack's makes every morning memorable.

Don't forget to check online for regional treats and nutrition facts. Start your day the Jack's way!

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