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CategoryDrink NameIngredientsPrice
ClassicsPain Killer #4Pineapple Rum, Strawberry-Orange, Peach11
 Orange Old FashionedBourbon, orange bitters, cinnamon simple syrup11
 Guava MuleGuava, lime, vodka, ginger beer11
 Margarita MargaritaTequila, lime, agave, orange liqueur11
VodkaRaspberry MartiniRaspberry infused vodka, lemon, peach12
 Berry TiniBerry infused vodka, guava, citrus, elderflower12
GinLychee Lemon SlingLychee infused gin, strawberry, lemon, basil12
 Cucumber MartiniCucumber infused gin, Elderflower, lemon12
 Silver Bluff SouthsideBerry infused gin, mint, lime, blueberry, strawberry12
TequilaStrawberry Stimulus MargaritaStrawberry infused tequila, jalapeños, agave, lime12
 Pineapple MargaritaPineapple infused tequila, pineapple, cilantro, lime12
 Slow BurnToasted jalapeño, pineapple, grapefruit, chili-lime12
MezcalRescue 8Mango, sweet bell peppers, agave, chili-lime14
 La PasiónPassionfruit, orange, agave, lime, candied orange14
 Cómo Se LlamaCitrus Mezcal, pinot noir float, agave14
Rum & PiscoGuava MojitoMint, guava nectar, rum, lime, agave14
 Pineapple MojitoMint, pineapple, rum, lime, agave14
 Pisco SourQueirolo Pisco, Pedro Ximenez Triana, lime, egg whites16
BourbonBourbon Berry SmashStrawberry, blueberry, blackberry, mint, lemon12
 Singapore SourBlack cherry bourbon, pineapple, lemon, egg whites14
 Smoked Old FashionedApplewood smoked bourbon, black walnut bitters14
BubblesMiami SpritzRosé, guava nectar, rum, lime zest15
 Aperol SpritzProcessco, Aperol, orange zest15

Happiest Hours – 4-7 Weekdays –

Draft Beer & Wine6
Shot & Beer6

Draft Beer

Beer NamePrice
Mighty Blonde Ale8
Mighty Amber Ale8
House Pilsner7
Stella Artois7
Lagunitas IPA8
Lord Hobo Boomsauce IPA9
Stone Hazy Double IPA9
Civil Society Fresh IPA9
Wynwood Pop’s Porter9
Modelo Especial Bottle7

Shot & Beer

Half Pint House Pilsner & Choose Your BoozePrice
Four Roses Bourbon9
Tullamore Irish Whiskey9
El Jimador Tequila9


Shot NameIngredientsPrice
GUAVA-KAZIVodka, guava, lime, orange7
Peanutbutter & JellyPeanut Butter Whiskey & Jelly7
GREEN TEAPeach Bourbon, lemon & lime7
PICKLEBACKSBourbon, Pickle Juice7
White Claw Mango – Black Cherry 7


Heineken 0.056
Brooklyn Brewery IPA6

Fresh Juices

Orange Juice6
Grapefruit Juice6
Strawberry Orange6

Wine List

Wine NamePrice
Robert Mondavi Cabernet10
Lost Angel Pinot Noir8
Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio8
Whispering Angel Château Rosé14
Ruffino Prosecco12
Ruffino Sparkling Rose12


Bar Bites

The Mighty Friesfresh cut, crack sauce8.95
Fried Pickle Chipscrispy dills, ranch dip8.95


Full Dozen36East Coast
Half Dozen18East Coast

Small Plates

Bang Bang Shrimpsriracha thai chili12.95
Buffalo Chicken Egg Rollscheddar, buffalo chicken, blue-ranch dip12.95
BBQ Egg Rollsbbq pulled pork, cheddar, black bean11.95
Smoked Fish Dipapplewood smoked mahi-mahi, tajin chips13.95
Spinach Dipparmesan, spinach, artichoke13.95
Truffle Friesblack truffle, parmesan12.95
Sweet Potato Fries 8.95

Mighty Burgers

8oz USDA Certified Angus Beef, La Provence French Brioche. Served with fries (sub sweet potato fries +1.95)

Burger NameIngredientsPrice
The Mighty Burgercheddar, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, crack15.95
Guava Burgerguava, white chocolate, cream cheese, papas fritas, crispy bacon17.95
Bacon & Blue Cheeseburgerapplewood smoked bacon, blue cheese crumble, butter lettuce16.95
Possible Burgerplant based burger (20g plant protein), pepper jack, arugula, avocado, tomato, onion, crack14.95


Organic, local free-range all natural, antibiotic-free chicken. Served with fries (add bacon +1.95)

Sandwich NameIngredientsPrice
Fried Chicken Sandwichbuttermilk crispy fried, coleslaw, pickles, crack15.95
Spicy Chicken Sandwichcrispy chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, coleslaw, pickles16.95
Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwichcrispy chicken, bacon, house honey mustard, provolone, papas frites16.95
Grilled Chicken Sandwichflame grilled, pepper jack cheese, arugula, avocado, red onion, crack15.95
Mahi-Mahi SandwichCajun Grilled or Fried, arugula, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sriracha-honey aioli17.95

Croquettes & Chips

Croquettesham, chicken & cheese
Chips & Quesocheddar-jalapeño tomato

Happy Hour (Weekdays 4pm-7pm)

Bar Bites5.95
OystersHalf Off


Organic all natural, flame grilled

1013.95medium, hot, bbq, honey garlic
2024.95medium, hot, bbq, honey garlic

Chicken Zingers

Crispy fried organic chicken bites

1216.95medium, hot, bbq, honey garlic
1822.95medium, hot, bbq, honey garlic


Served 3 per order, side of tortilla chips & salsa

Taco NameIngredientsPrice
Bang Bang Shrimpshrimps, bang bang sauce, crunchy slaw, cilantro15.95
Spicy Chickenchipotle chicken, pico de gallo, avocado, onions, cotija cheese14.95
Black Bean Veggiecrunchy black bean veggies, pico de gallo, avocado, onions, cotija cheese12.95


Salad NameIngredientsPrice
Mighty House Saladmixed greens, red onions, tomato, cucumber, croutons, guava-balsamic vinaigrette9.95
Wedge Saladbalsamic glaze, romaine, red onions, tomato, cucumber, blue cheese, bacon10.95
Caesar Saladromaine, house caesar, shaved parmesan, croutons9.95

Add Ons: Chicken +5, Shrimps +6, Mahi-Mahi +8


Dessert NameDescriptionPrice
Chocolate Fudge BrownieVanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Drizzle9.95