Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen Menu [Updated in 2024]

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen is located in Berkeley, California, and it’s known for serving authentic Jewish cuisine. The restaurant combines the spirit of New York delis with the relaxed atmosphere of the West Coast. Saul’s offers a variety of dishes that are both delicious and comforting.

Start your meal with one of the traditional appetizers that represent Jewish comfort food. You can try Saul’s famous Chopped Liver & Rye, which is a rich chicken liver spread served on rye bread. Another option is the crispy Latkes, which are savory pancakes made with grated potatoes and onions, served with sour cream and applesauce.

If you want a classic deli experience, Saul’s has an impressive selection of sandwiches that are sure to satisfy your appetite. You can try the House Smoked Pastrami Sandwich, which includes tender and smoky pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and cole slaw served on grilled rye bread. The Pastrami Reuben is another mouthwatering option, with succulent pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, grilled to perfection on rye bread.

Saul’s also offers vegetarian and vegan dishes that are a modern take on traditional Jewish cuisine. You can try the Pita Falafel, which are crispy garbanzo, cracked wheat, and sesame balls served with pickled cabbage, tabouleh, harissa, and tahini. The combination of flavors and textures is delightful and will leave you wanting more.

To end your meal on a sweet note, Saul’s offers tempting desserts. The classic Rugelach is a traditional Jewish pastry filled with fruit and nuts. The Chocolate Babka is a rich and decadent sweet bread that is braided and leavened to perfection.

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen invites you to embark on a culinary journey that will satisfy your hunger and leave you feeling content. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a destination that offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen Menu with Price List


Breakfast Menu

Food ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Egg Dishes
Saul’s Deli HashGrilled corned beef, pastrami, potato and onions with two poached eggs$19.25650 calories
Eggs Levant w/ PitaEggs any style, lentil, tahina, harissa and pita$13.50480 calories
Shakshouka w/ PitaCumin-laced tomato sauce, baked egg, pita, harissa, zhoug and sour cream$14.95520 calories
MalawachPan-seared Yemeni flatbread with sautéed greens, hardboiled egg, feta, grated tomato, zhoug, harissa$16.00590 calories
Spicy Shuk OmeletteTomato, greens, cheese, sliced challah, herbs, spices$16.25550 calories
Matzo BreiHouse matzo, scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, cinnamon. Applesauce and sour cream on side$13.25420 calories
Smoked Salmon & Eggs2oz smoked salmon, two eggs any style. Served with green salad.$19.25510 calories
Two Egg BreakfastTwo eggs any style. Served with home fried potatoes.$12.50380 calories
Scrambled Eggs & SalamiTwo eggs scrambled with salami. Served with home fries.$17.75480 calories
Lox, Eggs & OnionTwo eggs scrambled with sautéed onions and lox. Served with home fries.$17.75520 calories
Trout, Eggs & OnionTwo eggs scrambled with sautéed onions and smoked trout. Served with home fries.$17.50510 calories
Eggs & OnionsTwo eggs scrambled with sautéed onions. Served with home fries.$13.25360 calories
Pitas & Bagel Sandwiches
Pita SabichBoiled egg, latke, hummus, Jerusalem salad, eggplant, tahina, amba & herbs$12.75600 calories
Breakfast PitaEggs any style, sautéed greens, zhoug$11.50450 calories
Salami Egg BagelEgg over medium, sautéed greens, zhoug$13.25500 calories
Mushroom Egg BagelScrambled egg, greens, cheddar, chili crisp$12.50480 calories
Sweet Dishes
PancakesMade just the way they should be.$7.00+350 calories
WaffleYeast-raised waffle, Straus butter, organic maple syrup$9.75450 calories
Challah French ToastWith Straus butter, organic maple syrup$13.25550 calories
Hot Whole Grain CerealServed with milk, brown sugar, dried fruit, and nuts$8.50320 calories
Yogurt, Granola & FruitServed with Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and honey$11.25400 calories
Kids’ Breakfast
Kid’s French ToastClassic French toast for the little ones$5.75280 calories
Kid’s PancakeFluffy pancake served just right for kids$5.25240 calories
Kid’s 1 Egg Scrambled & PitaScrambled egg served with pita bread$4.25190 calories
Kid’s 1/2 WaffleHalf portion of our yeast-raised waffle$3.50200 calories
Side Sausage$5.75
Side Egg$3.25
Side Toast$3.25
Side Potatoes (Hash Browns Mon-Thurs / Home Fries Fri-Sun)$5.00
Side Fruit (Fruit, fresh & seasonal.)$7.00
Side Tomato$3.00
Side Avocado$2.95
Side Cucumber$1.00
Side Lettuce$0.75


Food ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Chopped Liver & RyeSaul’s famous traditional chopped chicken liver with rye$8.25320 calories
Latke 3Savory pancakes of grated potatoes and onions seasoned and fried. Served with sour cream & house-made applesauce$14.95450 calories
Latke & LoxCrispy latke topped with smoked salmon & sour cream$9.50380 calories
KnishPotato, onion & cumin knish, baked in house$5.25220 calories
Herring AppPickled herring served with apple$9.2560 calories
BlintzLight crepe filled with sweet cheese. Served with sour cream & fruit preserves.$7.95+300 calories
French FriesKennebec potatoes, blanched & fried$5.25350 calories
Hummus & PitaWith tahini, olive oil, za’atar & a housemade pita$9.25320 calories
Falafel & TahinaGarbanzo, herb and sesame balls fried crispy with tahina dipping sauce$5.75280 calories
Halloumi & FruitPan-seared halloumi (brined goat milk cheese) served with seasonal fruit & greens$11.25120 calories
Pickle PlateSelection of our house-fermented pickles, traditional cucumbers and seasonal veggies.$6.2590 calories
Cabbage Rolls a la CarteTwo cabbage rolls stuffed with rice, beef and spices. Served with a sweet & sour tomato sauce$12.00400 calories
Side PitaHousemade$1.95150 calories
Pickled Green TomatoGreen tomato pickled in vinegar$5.0060 calories


ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Bulk BagelA single bagel served individually$3.25Varies
Bagel & Lox Open FaceOpen-faced bagel topped with 2oz lox, heirloom tomato, cucumber, onion, olive, capers, and cream cheese$18.95550 calories
Bagel & Lox Close FaceClosed-faced bagel topped with 1.5oz lox, heirloom tomato, cucumber, onion, olive, capers, and cream cheese$15.25500 calories
Bagel & TroutBagel topped with smoked trout, heirloom tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, capers, and cream cheese$18.95480 calories
Bagel & Whitefish SaladBagel topped with whitefish salad, heirloom tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, and capers$16.50420 calories
Bagel, Smoked Salmon SpreadBagel served with smoked salmon spread$8.50380 calories
Bagel, Cucumber Chive SpreadBagel served with cucumber chive spread$5.95350 calories
Bagel & Cream CheeseBagel served with cream cheese$5.25320 calories
Bagel & Straus ButterBagel served with Straus butter$4.75300 calories


ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Extra Matzo BallSometimes you need a spare matzo ball$3.0080 calories
TOGO Pint – Chicken SoupChicken soup with carrot, parsnip, celery, chicken, and dill. Please specify matzo ball or noodles.$10.95150 calories per cup
TOGO Quart – Chicken SoupChicken soup with carrot, parsnip, celery, chicken, and dill. Please specify matzo ball or noodles.$13.25150 calories per cup
TOGO Pint – Soup of the DayExample: borscht, lentil, sweet & sour cabbage, mushroom barley$9.50100-200 calories per cup
TOGO Quart – Soup of the DayExample: borscht, lentil, sweet & sour cabbage, mushroom barley$13.00100-200 calories per cup
Side Bread & ButterChoice of rye, sourdough, or mariposa gluten-free bread served with butter$2.95150 calories per serving


ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Falafel Platter w/ PitaFalafel, hummus, tahina, harissa, feta, olives & a pita$16.50650 calories
Sabich Platter w/ PitaEgg, latke, hummus, Jerusalem salad, eggplant, tahina, amba, harissa, herbs & a pita$16.50700 calories
Winter Citrus SaladSeasonal citrus, mixed greens, za’atar goat cheese, jicama, pumpkin seeds, apple cider vinaigrette$15.25400 calories
Chicken Schnitzel SaladFried chicken breast, romaine, Jerusalem salad, Parmesan, tahina, vinaigrette$15.50600 calories
Falafel SaladFalafel, romaine, Jerusalem salad, olives, feta, tahina, za’atar, vinaigrette$13.95500 calories
Tuna Tunisia SaladTuna salad, romaine, olives, harissa, Jerusalem salad, mint, hard egg$16.50550 calories
Cobbish SaladRomaine, hot pastrami, chicken, chopped egg, avocado, tomato, cambezola blue cheese, ranch$16.50750 calories
Mixed Greens SaladMixed greens, grated red cabbage, carrot, pickled cabbage$8.95200 calories


ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Pastrami Ruskie 3.5oz3.5oz Pastrami, Swiss, Russian dressing, and cole slaw on grilled rye. (No modifications please)$17.95600 calories
The Gretchen3.5oz hot corned beef on sweet deli roll, mayonnaise, jalapeno-cilantro zhoug, lettuce, pickled cabbage, sweet crunchy onion$17.25650 calories
Chicken Schnitzel SandwichFried chicken breast on sweet deli roll, amba (mango, cumin), mayo, coleslaw, and zhoug (jalapeno, cilantro)$17.95700 calories
Brisket Bubbe3.5oz of our long-braised brisket on sweet deli roll, caraway harissa, lettuce, herbs, pickled cabbage, crunchy sweet onion$19.75750 calories
Roast Beef Royale3.5oz roast beef, harissa, lettuce, avocado, Swiss, horseradish, and mayo on sourdough$16.25680 calories
Turkey Schmurky3.5 oz. Diestel turkey, lettuce, avocado, Swiss, horseradish, and mayo on sourdough$16.50620 calories
Tuna MeltLine-caught albacore tuna salad grilled with Swiss on rye$19.95670 calories
Regular Sandwiches
Pastrami 7ozBrined for days, spice rubbed, long-smoked, steamed and served on warm rye. Fatty and delicious, never lean!$23.75750 calories
Corned Beef 7ozTraditional served on rye. Corned Beef Brisket is simmered for hours in pickling spices then steamed to perfection and served on warm rye. Mustard is on the table.$22.75700 calories
Chopped Chicken Liver SandwichTraditional chopped chicken liver served on rye with tomato & caramelized onion$11.75450 calories
Tuna Salad SandwichLine-caught tuna salad with lettuce & tomato on rye$16.50550 calories
Roast Beef Sandwich 3.5oz, CustomFreshly carved and layered roast beef, your way$15.25420 calories
Turkey Sandwich 3.5oz, CustomRoasted diesel turkey sliced thin, your way$16.50400 calories
Salami Sandwich 3.5oz, CustomKosher salami sliced thin, your way$15.50480 calories
Adult Hot DogTraditional hot dog with kraut, ketchup, and mustard$11.25350 calories

Vegetarian & Vegan

ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Pita SabichBoiled egg, latke, hummus, Jerusalem salad, eggplant, tahina, amba & herbs$12.75550 calories
Pita FalafelFried garbanzo, cracked wheat and sesame balls, pickled cabbage, tabouleh, harissa, tahini$13.75600 calories
Pita YubaSpicy sesame yuba noodles, French fries, pickled cabbage, vegetables, herbs, lettuce, tahini, zhoug, harissa stuffed in a house-made pita$14.50Varies
Egg Salad SandwichWith tomato, lettuce, mayo on toasted sourdough$11.50450 calories

Reubens, Melts, Etc.

ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Pastrami Reuben 7ozPastrami with Swiss, sauerkraut and Russian on grilled rye$25.50700 calories
Corned Beef Reuben 7ozCorned Beef with Swiss, sauerkraut and Russian on grilled rye$24.95680 calories
Turkey ReubenBrined & smoked turkey with Swiss, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut on grilled rye$16.50550 calories
Mushroom ReubenSautéed mushrooms with Swiss, sauerkraut and Russian on grilled rye$13.95450 calories
Grilled Green CheeseCheddar, Swiss & sautéed leafy greens grilled on parmesan-crusted sourdough, side mango chutney$13.95550 calories
Brisket Dip Our WayBeef brisket on a sweet deli roll with house pickles, mustard, horseradish, lettuce chiffonade on an Acme sweet deli roll. Served au jus.$28.25750 calories
Saul’s Burger 6ozGrass Fed Beef Burger Cooked just the way you like! On an Acme roll with Zhoug, Harissa, and Coleslaw$15.25650 calories
Patty MeltOn grilled Acme rye with cheese & sautéed onions$14.75600 calories

Kids’ Menu

ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Kid’s Hot DogTraditional hot dog$5.25250 calories
Kid’s PB&JPeanut butter and jelly sandwich$4.50350 calories
Kid’s Grilled CheeseGrilled cheese sandwich$5.25400 calories
Kid’s Chicken & LatkeFried chicken with latke$6.75500 calories
Piece of SchnitzelPiece of breaded and fried chicken$7.00350 calories


ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Cookie & Pastry
Black & WhiteCookie with both chocolate and vanilla frosting$3.50180 calories
RugelachTraditional Jewish pastry filled with fruit and nuts$3.25150 calories
Chocolate ChipChewy chocolate chip cookie$3.50200 calories
HamantashenTraditional Jewish pastry filled with fruit preserves$2.95120 calories
Plain MacaroonCoconut macaroon without chocolate coating$3.9590 calories
Dipped MacaroonCoconut macaroon dipped in chocolate$4.25110 calories
LinzerAustrian pastry filled with jam and topped with lattice crust$2.75160 calories
Russian TeacakeSweet cookie rolled in powdered sugar$2.50120 calories
Babka SliceSweet bread, braided & leavened$5.25250 calories
Sugar CookieClassic sugar cookie$1.95100 calories
Cake & Misc.
CheesecakeBaked in-house cheesecake$10.25375 calories
Carrot CakeCarrot cake with cream cheese frosting$7.00325 calories
Double Chocolate Layer CakeHousemade chocolate layered cake$8.75425 calories
Flourless Chocolate CakeHousemade gluten-free chocolate cake$5.75275 calories
Chocolate PuddingHousemade chocolate pudding$5.25225 calories
Tapioca PuddingTapioca pudding$5.25175 calories
BaklavaTraditional pastry made of layers of filo dough filled with nuts and sweetened with honey$3.75225 calories
HalvahSweet confection made from sesame paste$9.00+225 calories
BlintzLight crepe filled with sweet cheese, served with sour cream & fruit preserves$7.95+325 calories
Apple Pie – SliceBaked in-house apple pie$6.50325 calories


ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Meat & Cheese
Pastrami 1/2 lbHalf pound of pastrami$22.50600-700 calories
Corned Beef 1/2 lbHalf pound of corned beef$20.50550-650 calories
Brisket 1/2 lbHalf pound of brisket$24.00600-700 calories
Chopped LiverChopped chicken liver$4.00+200-250 calories
Turkey 1/2 lbHalf pound of roasted turkey$14.25400-500 calories
Roast Beef 1/2 lbHalf pound of roast beef$14.25450-550 calories
Salami 1/2 lbHalf pound of salami$16.00600-700 calories
Sliced SwissSliced Swiss cheese$5.75+100-120 calories
Sliced CheddarSliced Cheddar cheese$3.75+80-100 calories
Bread, Pita & Bagels
Rye Loaf, sliced, 12 slicesAcme New York Rye Bread (Sliced)$5.50Calories not provided
Braided Challah LoafAcme Braided Challah$6.95Calories not provided
Side PitaHousemade pita bread$1.95Calories not provided
Cream Cheese BulkBulk cream cheese$2.75+50-70 calories per serving (1 tbsp)
Smoked SalmonDelicately smoked salmon fillets$12.00+180-220 calories
Smoked TroutFlavorsome smoked trout$8.25+150-180 calories
Whitefish on boneWhole whitefish served on the bone$10.00200-250 calories
Tuna Salad (Line Caught)Line-caught tuna mixed with fresh ingredients$9.00200-250 calories
Whitefish SaladClassic whitefish salad with a blend of seasonings$7.00+150-200 calories
HerringAssorted pickled herring from Acme Smoked Fish$12.00150-200 calories
Belly Lox (3oz)Richly flavored belly lox$10.00150-200 calories
Smoked Sable (5oz)Tender hot-smoked sablefish$18.00250-300 calories
Deli Salads
Potato SaladClassic potato salad with creamy dressing$5.50150-200 calories
ColeslawCrisp and refreshing coleslaw$4.25100-150 calories
HummusCreamy hummus dip$5.50150-200 calories
BabaganoushRich and smoky eggplant dip$6.25150-200 calories
Jerusalem SaladRefreshing salad with cucumber, mango, red onion, olive oil, sumac, and lemon$5.50100-150 calories
TaboulehTraditional tabouleh salad with bulgur, parsley, tomatoes, and herbs$3.25100-150 calories
Egg SaladClassic egg salad with celery, dill, and mayonnaise$6.50200-250 calories
Beet SaladFresh beet salad with mint, parsley, and olive oil$5.50100-150 calories
Chopped LiverTraditional chopped chicken liver spread$4.00+200-250 calories
Condiments & Pickles
Batampte Mustard JarTraditional Batampte mustard in a jar$5.25Calories not provided
Cream Cheese BulkCream cheese sold in bulk$2.75+50-70 calories per serving (1 tbsp)
Sauce 4ozFour ounces of your choice of sauce$2.00Calories not provided
Sauce Half PintHalf pint of your choice of sauce$6.50Calories not provided
Pickle, EachIndividual pickles$1.755-10 calories per pickle
Pickle, QuartQuart-sized jar of pickles$9.00Calories not provided
Oven Ready
4 Blintzes – PanFour blintzes ready for cooking, served with a side of sour cream and seasonal fruit sauce. Best sautéed in a liberal butter and oil mix or baked in a 475F oven with broiler on for 10 minutes.$15.00350-400 calories per blintz, plus calories from sour cream and fruit sauce
Cabbage Rolls a la CarteTwo cabbage rolls stuffed with rice, beef, and spices, served with a sweet & sour tomato sauce.$12.00200-250 calories per serving (2 rolls)
River Dog VegetablesSeasoned vegetables in olive oil, garlic, and herbs, presented in an oven-ready foil pan. Serves 2-4.$18.00100-150 calories per serving
Brisket au Jus12oz braised brisket with carrots and potatoes, serves 2-3.$38.00300-350 calories per serving (based on 2-3 servings)


ItemDescriptionPriceEstimated Calorie Count
Bagels & Coffee
Bagel, Lox, Veggie & Cream Cheese PlatterAssorted bagels served with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, heirloom tomato, cucumber, and onion.$95.00+450-600 calories per serving
Bagel, Veggie & Cream Cheese PlatterAssorted bagels served with cream cheese, capers, heirloom tomato, cucumber, and onion.$65.00+350-500 calories per serving
10 Cup Coffee UrnMr. Espresso single-origin Colombian dark roast coffee served with cream and sugar packets, suitable for ten servings.$40.00Coffee doesn’t have a significant amount of calories
Deli PlatterSliced deli meats (choose up to three) served with assorted breads (rye, sourdough, sweet deli roll, GF available), sliced heirloom tomatoes, onion, lettuce, and condiments.$90.00+Varies
Side Sliced CheeseSliced Swiss and cheddar cheese to accompany a deli platter.$16.00+Varies
Potato Salad BowlBowl of classic potato salad.$30.00+150-200 calories per serving
Coleslaw BowlBowl of refreshing coleslaw.$25.00+100-150 calories per serving
Pickle PlatterPlatter of house-brined half and full sours, vinegar dill, and seasonal pickled veggies.$35.00+Varies
Roasted ChickenWhole roasted chicken seasoned with olive oil, za’atar, salt, and black pepper.$80.00+Varies
Riverdog VegetablesSeasonal produce sourced from Riverdog Farms.$35.00+Varies
Mashed PotatoesCreamy mashed potatoes.$25.00+150-200 calories per serving
Knish PlatterPlatter of knishes served with harissa and deli mustard for dipping.$50.00Varies
Latke PlatterPlatter of latkes served with applesauce and sour cream for topping.$85.00Varies
Chopped Liver & Rye PlatterPlatter featuring Saul’s famous chopped chicken liver served on ACME Rye bread.$40.00Varies
Mezze & Salad
Middle Eastern PlatterPlatter featuring babaganoush, hummus, tabouleh, Jerusalem salad, olives, feta, and house pitas.$55.00+Varies
Hummus PlatterPlatter of hummus served with tahina, olives, and house pitas.$60.00Varies
Sabich Catering PlatterPlatter featuring fried eggplant, mini latkes, hummus, Jerusalem salad, amba, tahini, and pitas.$65.00+Varies
Mixed Greens Salad BowlBowl of mixed greens from Happy Boy Farms, shredded carrots, pickled cabbage, and vinaigrette dressing.$30.00+100-150 calories per serving
Fruit PlatterPlatter of seasonal fruit.$45.00+Varies
Sabich Romaine BowlBowl featuring chopped romaine, Jerusalem salad, fried eggplant, soft-boiled egg, latke bits, house pickle, fresh herb, amba, tahina, and harissa.$50.00+Varies
Falafel (2pc)Two pieces of housemade falafel per order.$1.75150-200 calories per order
Cookie PlatterPlatter featuring an assorted selection of cookies including black and white, linzer, rugelach, hamantaschen, Russian teacakes, and more.$35.00+Varies
Rugelach PlatterPlatter featuring assorted flavors of rugelach including chocolate, poppy seed, apricot, and raspberry-almond.$35.00+Varies
Whole BabkaWhole babka available in chocolate or apricot-pecan flavors. 24 hours notice required for ordering.$25.00Varies

Most Recommended Dishes

These are Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen’s most recommended dishes, endorsed by experienced reviewers who have savored the culinary expertise of the establishment.

  • House Smoked Pastrami Sandwich
  • Pickle Plate
  • Pastrami on Rye
  • Falafel
  • Lox Bagel with Cream Cheese
  • Matzo Ball Soup
  • Chopped Liver
  • Latkes De Papa

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen Hours

DayOperating Hours
Monday8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

About Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen


Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen is an excellent place to eat in Berkeley, California, located at 1475 Shattuck Ave. The restaurant features flavorful Jewish cuisine, including classic dishes like Pastrami. You can even enjoy the taste of a New York deli on the West Coast! 

Saul’s offers different ways to enjoy their food, such as outdoor seating, takeout, and delivery. They are known for their fast service, so you won’t have to wait long to savor your meal. You can enjoy their delicious coffee, desserts, or choose from their extensive tea selection. 

Saul’s is a great place to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner alone, or with friends and family. The atmosphere is casual and cozy, making you feel right at home. You can pay for your food with cash, credit, or mobile payments. 

Families are welcome, and there are high chairs available for young children. There is also a special menu just for kids. Parking is easy with free and paid street parking nearby. Come and enjoy the flavors of Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen and make some cherished memories.

What Time Does Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen Start and Stop Serving Breakfast?

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen restaurant’s Breakfast hour starts at 8 AM and stops at 10:45 AM every day.

What Time Does Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen Start and Stop Serving Lunch?

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen restaurant’s Lunch hour starts at 11 AM and stops at 4 PM every day.

What Time Does Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen Start and Stop Serving Dinner?

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen restaurant’s Dinner hour starts at 5 PM and stops at 9 PM every day.

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Official Website
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To Make A Reservation, Simply Call  +15108483354

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What Customers Are Saying

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen, located in Berkeley, California is a precious gem that offers genuine Jewish cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds and warms the soul. Saul’s is the perfect place to embark on a culinary journey, where tradition and innovation fuse to create an unparalleled dining experience. With its charming New York-style deli atmosphere and extensive menu, Saul’s delights its customers with every bite.

On Google Maps, Saul’s has an impressive rating of 4.5 stars, with glowing reviews from 1,896 satisfied guests. Every dish, from the savory fish to the crispy potato latkes and delicious eggplant, is crafted with care and expertise. The attentive service and delightful rugulach further enhance the dining experience, leaving guests eager to return.

TripAdvisor reviewers also rave about Saul’s, awarding it a solid rating of 4 stars from 255 reviews. Every aspect of the dining experience exceeds expectations, from the house pickles to the latkes with lox and trout with zhuong sauce. Each plate is a symphony of flavors, showcasing the culinary mastery of Saul’s chefs. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a casual outing, Saul’s is the go-to destination for unforgettable dining.

Yelp echoes the sentiment with a rating of 3.5 stars from 1,883 reviews, cementing Saul’s reputation as a beloved institution in Berkeley. The warm and inviting interior sets the stage for a memorable meal, while the timeless classics like the Pastrami Ruskie and Falafel Platter evoke nostalgia with every bite. Saul’s is more than just a restaurant; it’s a cherished gathering place where families and friends come together to savor the rich tapestry of Jewish cuisine.

For those seeking a culinary adventure steeped in tradition and flavor, Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen beckons. Whether you’re craving comfort food or yearning to explore the depths of Jewish culinary heritage, Saul’s promises an experience that will leave you longing for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Signature Dishes At Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen?

Some signature dishes at Saul’s include their pastrami sandwiches, matzo ball soup, latkes with lox, and trout with zhuong sauce.

Does Saul’s Offer Any Vegetarian Or Vegan Options On Its Menu?

Yes, Saul’s offers vegetarian and vegan options such as falafel platters, salads, and vegetable-based dishes.

Are There Gluten-Free Options Available At Saul’s?

While Saul’s menu primarily features traditional Jewish deli fare, they do offer some gluten-free options. These options may vary, so it’s best to inquire with the staff.

Can I Find Traditional Jewish Deli Favorites Like Pastrami And Matzo Ball Soup On The Menu?

Absolutely! Saul’s specializes in traditional Jewish deli cuisine, so you can expect classics like pastrami sandwiches and matzo ball soup to be available.

Does Saul’s Serve Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner, Or Is It Primarily Focused On One Mealtime?

Saul’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, catering to diners throughout the day with a diverse menu.

Are There Any Seasonal Or Rotating Specials On The Menu?

Yes, Saul’s may offer seasonal or rotating specials based on availability and culinary inspiration. These specials can include seasonal ingredients or unique twists on classic dishes.

Can I Customize My Order Or Make Special Requests For Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, Saul’s aims to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. You can inquire with the staff about customizing your order to suit your needs.

Does Saul’s Offer Catering Services For Events Or Gatherings?

Yes, Saul’s offers catering services for events and gatherings. They can provide a selection of their delicious deli fare to suit your catering needs.

Are There Any Desserts Or Baked Goods Available To Enjoy After The Main Meal?

Yes, Saul’s offers a tempting array of desserts and baked goods, including rugulach, cheesecake, and other sweet treats to satisfy your cravings.

Is There Parking Available Near The Restaurant?

Yes, there is parking available near Saul’s, including street parking and nearby parking lots.

Does Saul’s Accept Reservations, Or Is It Primarily Walk-In Only?

Saul’s primarily operates on a walk-in basis, but they may accommodate reservations for larger parties or special events.

Is The Restaurant Family-Friendly, With Options Suitable For Children?

Yes, Saul’s is a family-friendly restaurant with options suitable for children, including kid-friendly menu items.

Are There Any Special Events Or Promotions Hosted At Saul’s Throughout The Year?

Saul’s may host special events or promotions throughout the year, such as holiday-themed menus or community events. Check their website or social media pages for updates.

Does Saul’s Have Outdoor Seating Options?

Yes, Saul’s offers outdoor seating options, allowing diners to enjoy their meal al fresco when weather permits.

Can Large Groups Or Parties Be Accommodated At Saul’s?

Yes, Saul’s can accommodate large groups or parties with advance notice. Contact them directly to make arrangements for your group.

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